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Day 3 of 23

Back to Omaha for day 3.  Miss L. is not only beautiful, but is a survivor as well.  Just looking at this adorable round face you would never know the struggle she has had so far in life.  But look at that smile.  It’s contagious.  How could you be anything but happy when you’re around […]

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Day two of 23

So this may not be what you were expecting, but it’s what you’re getting!  My children keep me busy, and today is no exception.  Because I think this is hilarious, YOU get to see my daughter’s face after her little brother bit her on the nose.  She was none to happy and asked me to […]

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23 Portraits in 23 Days.

We have been truly blessed this fall with many chances to travel and to meet new families while we travel.  Last month, while in Omaha, Nebraska I met with some fantastic families to capture the love that they share. This is probably one of my favorites from this family’s session.  Grandma brought this apple as […]

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