Days 19-23

Oh my gosh, it’s 2010!!  Yeah, that’s NOT what he’s thinking, but look how cute anyway, LOL.  Christmas at home was WONDERFUL.  We actually got FIVE whole days (part of a 6th thanks to the snow) to spend with our families.  Now don’t fall off your chair, but Greg and I even got a DATE.  Yes, a real date.  Dinner AND a Movie!  whoooo hooo!
Fionn had opening presents figured out by the 3rd day, and broke into this one like an old pro.  He was so excited about all the tractors he got, my house runneth over with them.  

The girls even got THREE days together, starting with Christmas Eve.  They even all went to see the Princess and the Frog together.  Barbies abound when these three play together.  The movie had have been my favorite though, all their little heads in a row with their eyes wide as they watched. 

It started snowing Sunday night while Greg and I were out, and it just kept snowing…This was taken Monday night.  Sunday there was NO snow, it had just started when we left the house at 6:30pm.  Living here in the “Burgh” we forget what Lake Effect Snow is.  It kept snowing over night and by Tuesday Morning, we had to get on the road.  Our normal two hour (tops) drive took three and a half hours.  We made it, but wow.
So that was our Christmas.  It was beautiful and lovely, and all we could have hoped for.  We pray that yours was the same.  2010 is a big year for us, and we have lots to share with you.  Keep your eyes open for a few give aways here and there mixed in as well!!

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