My Funny Valentine

Earlier this month, I decided to get a jump on Valentines Day (or Love Day as its known in our house) with a super cute idea for my little guy that I had seen floating around the web.  I love these fun little mustaches and had planned on using them for a photo booth for my oldest daughter’s birthday party last fall, but never found any I loved.  So I put the idea on the backburner, and tabled it for a few months.

My little guy is 3 and fancies himself a bit of a comedian so when I brought up the subject and showed them to him, he was all about it.  I started searching out the perfect mustaches and low and behold my search landed me at one of my FAVORITE blogs.  Easy Makes me Happy is the blog of a dear web friend, Tara, who designs the BEST patterns for all things crocheted.  But we’re not here to talk about that.  We’re here to talk about these great mustaches.  SO if you’d like to see Tara’s tutorial and get the free mustache download, just click HERE and it will take you right over to her page.

just a note… I did a couple things differently for my photo shoot.  A.  I didn’t use stiff felt, I only had regular black in the house and wasn’t up to a trip out to the store when we only had a short time in which to get this done.  B.  nor did I use sticks, but if you’re looking for a stick option for your mustache’s, then I suggest skewer sticks.  Relatively cheap and inexpensive for your craft. 


So we cut out a few of the mustache’s and used a little glue dot (shhhh, photographer’s secret 😉 to get it to stick on.  Here’s the one we started with:

He loves his hat and suspenders and tries to use them every time we take pictures, so who am I to say no.  After all, this was all about HIM.  So from there he humored me and we got to this shot:

which, oh my goodness…KILLS ME!  It was ALMOST what I had visioned…but since it was nice out, we decided to try another mustache and go play on the porch.

Photographers Note: this was not some big elaborate set up in a studio, this was honestly him sitting on a barstool in his bedroom.  His wall provided the perfect backdrop, and we used his bedroom window as a light and my flash to to fill the light.  You don’t need to hang sheets, or try to make it look like a photography studio for your images, just find a good neutral wall and use it. 

We have a lovely screened in brick porch and took full advantage of it.  I let him pick out another mustache, and we started playing again.

I was singing some of the tunes to Mario Brothers to him as we shot these, and obviously he thinks his momma is silly.  But c’mon.  THAT mustache is totally Luigi.

this one was ALMOST perfect, but I wanted a more serious shot for his valentine.

and there we have it.  PERFECT.  Remember this is all about FUN, so make sure not to make it too stressful and just go with it.

So Ready to see the COMPLETE valentine?

We are making them into fabulous bookmarks, for him to give to all his girls in his life.  All I know is Momma better get the first one!  I hope you enjoyed a little behind the scenes peek at my handsome man, and our fun photo shoot!

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