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Days 19-23

Oh my gosh, it’s 2010!!  Yeah, that’s NOT what he’s thinking, but look how cute anyway, LOL.  Christmas at home was WONDERFUL.  We actually got FIVE whole days (part of a 6th thanks to the snow) to spend with our families.  Now don’t fall off your chair, but Greg and I even got a DATE.  […]

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Day 16 of 23

In the spirit of Christmas, this is what we’re baking today.  Maggie and I made these awesome recipe cards for some family and friends ( so if you get one of these cards act surprised) as her home-made gift this year.  She is so excited to hand them out this week.  If you like these […]

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Day 15 of 23

We have this beautiful Holly Tree in our backyard, and when the snow falls and hits it, it’s absolutely beautiful.  We look out and see different birds in our tree all winter, and the red berries are a colorful contrast to the blah of winter.  We are counting down the days to Christmas and can’t […]

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S o c i a l   M e d i a